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Goodness of Garlic Dip with Shrimp
Goodness of Garlic makes it easy for you to use and enjoy garlic - every day - in the most nutritious, delicious, and delightful ways! We invite you to check us out and find out how you can have more fun - in the kitchen and at the table - with the "Stinking Rose!"


Many people don't have time to prepare fresh, wholesome food during a typical busy day.


Goodness of Garlic can help you bridge the time gap by providing a variety of products that can help you add flavour and excitement to your dishes, without the hassle. And, you can do it without losing security of purity in your food.


With Goodness of Garlic products, you get the flavour and the goodness of garlic, with all the convenience, but without the undesirable additives found in many time-saving food products.
www.goodnessofgarlic.com; Just some of the gourmet delights you can create with our products - Photo by The Foodie Photographer
Spring Rolls with Goodness of Garlic Hot Pepper Jelly as a dip
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