How We Started...

It all began back in 1995 on our property named Kariboo Farms near the small community of Forest Grove, BC. Our love of garlic prompted us to begin making simple things like garlic powder. This soon blossomed into something much bigger and the Goodness of Garlic® brand was born.

Our dedicated team members continue to pay close attention to details as they strive to produce the best quality garlic products for you and yours, always.

Gail Szolosi
Simply Delectable Specialty Foods Inc.
Producers of Goodness of Garlic™

Over the years...

South Cariboo Chamber of Commerce:
  • Ambassador of the South Cariboo
  • Entrepreneur of the Year (twice)
  • South Caribooster of the Year
  • Home Based Business of the Year

Founder of the
South Cariboo Garlic Festival

I recently purchased products from your table at the fort st john trade show. I just wanted to tell you how happy i am with your product. I throughly enjoy eating the hot pickled cloves as is, also i have tried your chipotle dip mix on baked salmon with a dash of your hot garlic relish and it is a phenomenal flavour twist to my usual lemon pepper. Thank you for your product and i will buy again and again.

Hello, my name is Alexii, I would like to say that the Goodness of Garlic company is amazing. Whenever my mom tells me that the studio fair is on I am extremely excited to go there. Every year I come and buy a lot of their delicious garlic onion dip. Once my dad poured an entire package of the dip mix into the sour cream even though it is worth 6 servings. We still ate it because their product is delicious. Everyone should come and check out their amazing pickled garlic and their scrumptious garlic and red pepper jelly. Next year I plan to help them manage their booth. I recommend that everyone should come and check out their farm-grown fresh garlic that is sure to please any garlic lover. I would like to give a big shout-out to G'ail Szolosi who created Goodness of Garlic and worked so hard to plant the garlic so that her business will flourish. I love Goodness of Garlic.

love from,
Alexii, age 12

Why Are We Here?

Our mission is to bring you high quality, unique garlic-based food products that make it easy for you to enhance your meals and snacks.

Customers Know Best.

Most of our products are born as a result of feedback from our customers. We continue to participate in various food shows, markets, and festivals so that we can "keep our finger on the pulse" and understand what customers like.

First we prepare the Garlic - LOTS of it...
...then we select a whole bunch of fresh Peppers...
...and create the batch & fill the jars with goodness.

(How we do it is a secret. If we told you how it's done,
we'd have to...well, you know what we mean!)

The Finished Product...Ready for You to Enjoy!