Garlic...Builder of Spirit,
Aromatic Conquerer

There once was woman named Gail
Who ate them without fail
The garlic she grew
Tasted great in a stew
In ice cream, in chutney or quail

Oh garlic, so humble and fine
with taste and aroma sublime
When I'm feeling low
A great gift you bestow
When sauteed with some chicken and wine

If you've a cold inside your nose
find a place where Garlic grows
With onions, simmered in a pot
Drink it while it's nice and hot

If you partake of this fine soup
You will no longer feel like poop
Believe me for I know quite well
There's more to Garlic than the smell!

- Christina McCann, Forest Grove, BC

The Garlic and the Rose

Of a valiant Garlic
A tale I now recite
Of bravery and sacrifice
Of knowing wrong from right

The roses stood alone
Unprotected from the bugs
Who came and munched and gnawed on them
The creepy little thugs

They cried "Oh please protect us"
But their anguish was for naught
For the flowers and the shrubs nearby
Were more concerned with rot

Then came the valiant Garlic bulb
The stinker and the rose
That grew around the roses
And the pests, in terror, froze

"You stay away", the Garlic said
"The rose she is my friend
I'll nourish and protect her
Until the bitter end"

They have a saying, in garden speak
That everybody knows
"Roses love the Garlic,
And the Garlic loves the Rose"

- Christina McCann, Forest Grove, BC

According to various scientific studies,
GARLIC is said to...

Chinese Scholars were praising garlic around 3000 B.C.
In ancient Egypt, 15 lbs. of garlic would purchase a healthy slave.
Workers constructing the Great Pyramids of Giza lived mainly on garlic & onions.
There are 300 strains of garlic in the world.
California grows 500 million pounds of garlic on more than 27,000 acres.
In World War I, Garlic was used to control infections in wounds and in 1963 Russia sent out a call for garlic to help control a raging epidemic of flu.
It is considered good luck to dream of garlic but not to dream of giving it away, which is symbolic of giving away one's good luck.
Telugu proverb says, "Garlic is as good as 10 mothers."